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  • '96/27' By Rachael Mutch

  • Sport Liverpool, University of Liverpool - 20 & 21 October
'96/27' By Rachael Mutch
  • Prices

  • £5.50
  • (incl. administration fee)

An honest performance based on one woman’s account of surviving the Hillsborough disaster.

Performed in the intimacy of a changing room, to a very small number of people at a time, this is a visceral and visual piece of theatre that uses real life documented words from a survivor of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

The words are from one of Rachael’s own family members, who is only now speaking out about her ordeal after all this time:

“Always found it difficult to tell my own story. I felt marginalised as I didn’t speak to people who had the experienced the disaster. I felt that others didn’t understand. I now belonged to a group of people that had been attacked by the media and I felt judged.”

Creating a visual environment with the help of projections, the performer will transport you back in time.

How does the aftermath of a traumatic experience cause mental health issues and the question of ‘how we deal with mental health in society?

“This piece of theatre is a must see in the city of Liverpool.”

Part of On the Verge festival (19th to 22nd October), produced by Hope Street Limited.

Cutting edge new performances in unusual spaces.

Join us and experience nine different events spread across the city of Liverpool by the theatre makers of the future.

of the future.

Age Restriction: 14+