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May 2019


Announcing the first amazing guests for our month-long annual festival, featuring comedian Jo Brand, Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, Booker prize winner Ben Okri, and award-winning writer Kit De Waal.
WoWFEST 2019 Where Are We Now? Festival Programme

Writing on the Wall, Liverpool’s longest running writing & literary organisation, announce our 20th annual festival programme: WoWFEST 2019 – Where Are We Now? ft. Jo Brand, Peter Tatchell, Ben Okri, Kit De Waal, Jennifer Makumbi, Dina Nayeri, Cheryl Martin, Tony Platt, Phil Scraton, Lynsey Hanley, Laura Waddell, Bahriye Kemal, Paul Scraton, Gary Budden Kerry Hudson, Dave Ward, James Meek, Ros Wynne Jones, Costas Lapavitsas, Anita Sethi and Jess Green.

Change is in the air. All that is solid, like the icecaps, is melting into air. Things fall apart - can the centre hold? The rich are getting richer, but otherwise uncertainty is the order of the day; Brexit, climate change, class, feminism, gender, race, populism, fake news, digital surveillance, and more, much more, are changing and challenging all our old conceptions. The stage is now set at WoWFEST 19 to seek answers to the question ‘Where Are We Now?’

Further festival announcements coming soon!


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02/05/2019 19:30


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