Reminisce Festival

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10/09/2022, 12:00

Sherdley Park - Reminisce Festival

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Strap yourself in for some knock-your-socks-off nostalgia. Reminisce Festival promises to transport you ravers and party animals back in time with a massive old skool dance lineup.

• Six big-top arenas of musical memories
• Over 150 global acts & DJs
• Fun Fair
• VIP Experience

Reminisce Festival is a non-camping, one-day event celebrating the best in classic dance music. 

Our expectations for 2014 were unknown. This was something completely new for us all and we were truly blown away with the response we received.So many people that attended said it was their favourite event of the year and that they could one day see us going toe - to - toe with some of the best festivals of the summer!Three thousand people got together in two huge big - top arenas and properly went for it– for 12 hours in a field in St Helens.The music ranged from house anthems and piano screamers to pumping dance and full - on scouse house(and everything in -between)– and both arenas were rammed from start to finish! The event ran like clockwork and received praise locally from both the police and residents for the good behaviour of all that came.We were all made up with response...but where could we go from here... ? 

Over the next four years the site expanded and we added more arenas, a fun fair, extra bars, extra seating and extra toilets. By 2018 we welcomed almost 14,000 Reminisce ravers coming to play their part in what has been described as THE most incredible day of memories so far. There were lots of amazing acts but a highlight for many was when the incredible Sybil flew in from the USA to perform ‘The love I lost’ in the Reminisce Arena and the whole place was singing. A very special moment! It was also a first time at Reminisce for Technotronic and The Outhere Brothers and they never let us down.

This is the year Cascada came and rocked the Clubland Arena, and we have to mention the fantastic ‘Love Inc’ who had the whole of Clubland with their arms in the air as she belted out ‘You're A Superstar’ .
A very, very special day.

In 2019 we were joined by some more Reminisce first timers, including D:Ream, 25 years since their massive hit singles ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ & ‘You're The Best Thing’. We also had Ultra Nate on our main stage performing the huge vocal anthem ‘Free’, plus the Vengaboys, Whigfield, Julie Mcknight, Ian Van Dahl, Sandy B, DJ Aligator, N-Trance, Judge Jules, Xpansions, Shades of Rhythm… the list goes on and on!

Reminisce 2022 will be coming - 10th September. And we have a ton of mega acts lined up for you as usual. All will be revealed in due course - but you can be sure of the return of some of our favourites, the Bounce Arena, Quadrant in the Park, Lovehouse, the VIP and a secret NEW arena!

Over 160 acts & DJs are landing from all over the world at Reminisce Festival 2022. Get to the website and check out the latest news.

Reminisce is a strictly over-18s event




Various prices

(incl. administration fee)  plus Free E Ticket / £2.75 Standard Post / £5.25 Secure Delivery fulfilment fee per order.

10/09/2022, 12:00

Sherdley Park - Reminisce Festival