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  • Liverpool Unearthed: The Bridewell

  • The Bridewell Galleries - 19, 20, 21 & 22 October
Liverpool Unearthed: The Bridewell
  • Prices

  • £5.50
  • (incl. administration fee)

We all know that ghost stories aren’t real, right?...

Well, what if they were?

What if you could live through one?

‘Liverpool Unearthed: The Bridewell’ is a horror-theatre experience set in an old Victorian police station.

Three very different people invite you to step into the Bridewell for three very different reasons; money, history... or just to try and warn you. Join them as they step into a forgotten world, a part of Liverpool you will never have experienced before. But be careful –you might have stumbled on a building with a bit too much history and a figure lurking in the darkness, unwilling to let go of the past...

16+, limited accessibility. Please wear sensible footwear, just in case you need to run.

Part of On the Verge festival (19th to 22nd October), produced by Hope Street Limited.

Cutting edge new performances in unusual spaces.

Join us and experience nine different events spread across the city of Liverpool by the theatre makers of the future.

Age Restriction: 16+