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9 February 2018

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14 September 2018

Echo Arena Liverpool



  • Steffi Sweeny's Karaoke Tales

  • Mayflower - 19, 20 & 21 October
Steffi Sweeney's Karaoke Tales
  • Prices

  • £5.50
  • (incl. administration fee)

Enter our homemade karaoke bar for a night of stories and questionable vocals.

You make the decision, not on vocal ability but on sheer dance move potential, you fill in the Karaoke slip, your name is called, the words appear on the screen, the mic feels heavy in your hand, you open your mouth… and PROPER GO FOR IT.

Join us on a hilarious journey through every summer holiday this Huyton girl ventured, filled with tales of the agonizing decision each family member had to make when faced with the question “what’s your karaoke song?”.

Feel free to arrive before the show and order food or drink (orders will not be taken or served during the performance)

Part of On the Verge festival (19th to 22nd October), produced by Hope Street Limited.

Cutting edge new performances in unusual spaces.

Join us and experience nine different events spread across the city of Liverpool by the theatre makers of the future.

Age Restriction: 16+