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  • Ghost Hunt: Croxteth Hall

  • DeadLive Events - Various Dates
Halloween Ghost Hunt of Croxteth Hall Liverpool
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New Year, new paranormal experience of Croxteth Hall. In 2018, we will gain entry into more rooms than have never before been opened for ghost hunters. Come with DeadLive in the building where time has stood still. This building has had over ten years of the catching spirits, appearing on ghost hunting television shows and in the media. Now it’s your turn to join the ghost hunters.
As our guests on this occasion, you will be become a member of our ghost hunting team on the nights and join us on all the vigils. Throughout the vigils, we will be using various spirit boxes, ghost hunting gadgets which some say are great for identifying ghosts and spirits. You will have the chance to use the equipment on the night as an effort to communicate with the spirits.
Event Details
Ghost Tour / Vigils / Séance

Paranormal Equipment / Dowsing / Table Tipping

Psychics & Mediums on All Events

Hot & Cold Drinks Included

Croxteth Hall and Country Park, L12 0HB Liverpool

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